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News & Alerts

18 March 2019

Salmon run signs spark important safety reminders

Media Release
  • Fishing from WA's sandy beaches is the safest way to enjoy salmon run excitement
  • Recreational fishers must wear an approved lifejacket at Salmon Holes
  • Swimmers, divers and surfers urged to use their Sea Sense during the salmon run 
21 February 2019

Scientific non-lethal SMART drumline trial now underway

Media Release
  • The scientific trial will help fill knowledge gaps from trials off the NSW coast
  • Monthly reports will inform the community on sharks caught, tagged and relocated
  • Both seabed-based and satellite-linked receivers will monitor tagged shark movements
18 February 2019

Seabed receivers to track white shark movements in WA

Media Release
  • 240 seabed receivers to be used in SMART drumline trial to track fine-scale movements of tagged sharks
  • Seabed monitors are in addition to three new real-time tagged shark detection receivers deployed in Gracetown
  • Non-lethal SMART drumline trial to get underway before the end of this month 
18 February 2019

WA shark alarm technology to be used during SMART drumline trial

Media Release
  • McGowan Government to install nine new alarms with lights and sirens along the Gracetown coast
  • The alarms will let beachgoers know when there is SMART drumline trial activity
  • Built by a Perth company, Spectur, the alarms provide prompt, localised information 
27 January 2019

Non-lethal SMART drumline trial to start next month

Media Release
  • Scientific trial to catch, tag and relocate sharks will commence in February and run for 15 months
  • Contractor appointed to operate the non-lethal drumlines
  • Training for the contractor will occur ahead of the full deployment of the drumlines 
  • Chief Scientist to begin independent scientific evaluation 12 months into the trial 
09 January 2019

More than 3,000 Western Australian surfers and divers boost their personal protection

Media Release
  • Surfers and divers take personal responsibility through McGowan Government’s world-first program
  • Just under 500 more shark deterrent device rebates now available
  • There are two scientifically proven devices available through the program 
23 December 2018

500 more personal shark deterrent devices for surfers and divers available

Media Release
  • Subsidies on WA’s world-first personal shark deterrent program expanded
  • An additional $100,000 will deliver 500 more devices to help keep people safe
  • The devices are part of the strategy to bring more sea sense to WA beaches
08 December 2018

South-West beaches get new shark receivers in time for summer

Media Release
  • Shark monitoring network extended to Gracetown for the first time
  • Two satellite-linked receivers installed at Cowaramup Bay and one at Lefthanders
  • McGowan Government is doing more than ever before for shark mitigation in WA
08 December 2018

Beach safety boost with more BEN signs in place for summer

Media Release
  • Over 100 new Beach Emergency Numbers signs to be in place by Christmas 
  • At least 250 more signs to follow in the new year
  • Local government shows strong support for program 
10 November 2018

This summer bring your Sea Sense to the beach and stay safe

Media Release
  • McGowan Government enhances comprehensive shark mitigation strategy
  • Independent Scientific Advisory Panel on Sharks established to provide expert advice 
  • McGowan Government partners with Surfing WA to improve surfer safety 
  • SharkSmart app in development to help beachgoers use their Sea Sense