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News and Alerts

13 November 2020

SharkSmart WA app ticks over 30,000 downloads

Media Release
  • SharkSmart WA app reaches 30,000 downloads in 12 months
  • The app is a key part of the McGowan Government's shark mitigation strategy
16 October 2020

Bunker Bay gets two new-generation shark monitoring receivers

Media Release
  • McGowan Government delivers two new-generation shark monitoring receivers and a beach based warning system at Bunker Bay
  • The two new-generation receivers are solar/battery powered and will have up to double the range of existing receivers 
04 September 2020

Beach safety continues to be a priority for McGowan Government

Media Release
  • McGowan Government invests $7.78 million for helicopter beach patrols
  • Helicopter patrols begin tomorrow 
  • 1,000th BEN sign installed in the City of Wanneroo 
30 August 2020

Popular surf spot in Bunker Bay to get shark monitoring receivers

Media Release
  • Site assessment and range-testing find Bunker Bay suitable for the technology
  • Two new Shark Monitoring Network receivers due for deployment early October
  • A beach-based Shark Warning System will also be installed to alert beachgoers
30 June 2020

Targeted tagging of white sharks takes WA total to 115

Media Release
  • Number of white sharks tagged in WA almost double since 2017
  • Decomposing whale carcasses used to boost State's shark mitigation efforts
  • Tagging allows electronic monitoring of sharks and early warning to beach users 
09 June 2020

New beach enclosure for Albany creates jobs and supports tourism

Media Release
  • McGowan Government approves up to $200,000 to replace barrier at Ellen Cove
  • City of Albany will remain responsible for maintenance of beach enclosure
  • Project expected to support two full-time jobs once completed 
25 May 2020

Flotsam, jetsam and shark data-recording receivers

Media Release

​Following the weekend’s wild weather, which is continuing today, the oceans along our coastline are likely to wash up some intriguing items and we hope it’s not any of the technology used to record or monitor tagged shark activity in Western Australian waters.

26 April 2020

SMART drumline trial to be extended by 12 months

Media Release
  • An extra $2.832 million allocated to study SMART drumline management of sharks
  • Chief Scientist says rigorous scientific evaluation of non-lethal trial needs more data
07 March 2020

Chief Scientist to review data retrieved from SMART drumline trial

Media Release
  • State Government's non-lethal SMART drumline trial reaches 12-month milestone
  • The trial will continue to collect new scientific data over next three months
04 March 2020

Mobile communications at Twilight Beach supports public safety

Media Release
  • ​State Government boosts mobile coverage at Twilight Beach to improve beach and water safety
  • Longer term plan to broaden mobile phone coverage across the Twilight Beach area