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Shark alert app reaches major milestone with 100,000 downloads

Shark alert app reaches major milestone with 100,000 downloads

02 November 2022
  • McGowan Government shark mitigation efforts embraced by Western Australians
  • SmarkSmart WA app hits 100,000 downloads milestone
  • Almost 8000 rebates claimed for personal shark deterrent devices

Beachgoers have embraced the McGowan Government's SharkSmart WA app, with downloads hitting a significant milestone.

Just three years after its launch in October 2019, the app has recorded 100,000 downloads.

The SharkSmart WA app works seamlessly alongside the SharkSmart website to deliver near real-time information on shark activity, including current alerts and warnings.

Beachgoers can set the app to receive alerts and information about their favourite beach locations, as well as use the quick call link to report shark sightings or whale carcasses to Water Police.

Meanwhile, the take-up of personal shark deterrents continues to grow.

More than 7,800 rebates have been claimed as part of the State's world-first personal shark deterrent subsidy scheme.

The subsidy aims to keep surfers and divers safe in the water by providing a rebate of $200 towards the purchase of an approved device.

Initially the scheme provided two scientifically proven options - the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf (Bundle) and the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7. In March this year a third option was added - the WA manufactured Rpela v2 surf device.

These important tools are part of the McGowan Government's comprehensive shark mitigation strategy, helping people to enjoy the beach and ocean with confidence.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has also commenced its seasonal shark tagging operations to support the State's Shark Monitoring Network.

Targeted tagging operations are currently underway around Garden Island and in late November the operations will move to waters off Albany and Esperance.

A 4.3 metre white shark was tagged as part of the Garden Island operations last month, and a total of 153 white sharks have been tagged in WA waters since 2009.

The SharkSmart WA app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

More information on the personal shark deterrent subsidy is available on the SharkSmart website at sharksmart.com.au

Comments attributed to Fisheries Minister Don Punch:

"It's great to see Western Australians prioritising their beach safety through their support of the SharkSmart WA app and the take-up of personal shark deterrents for diving and surfing.

"SharkSmart has become a really important channel for public safety, providing real-time updates on shark activity and other beach safety information.

"As we head towards summer, I encourage everyone to 'Switch on their SeaSense' in the water and keep up-to-date on reported shark activity to enjoy their favourite beach with confidence."

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