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Staying Safe

The Western Australian Government is committed to keeping the community as safe as possible when using our oceans. There is no one simple solution, shark encounters are rare and the following shark safety initiatives, operational responses and shark safety tips, allow the community to keep informed and help reduce the risk of a shark encounter.  


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Shark Deterrent Rebate

Shark Deterrent Rebate

03 May 2017

The Western Australian Government is offering a rebate of $200 to Western Australian residents that purchase an approved personal shark deterrent device.

The trial subsidy, which began on 26 May 2017, was originally for 1,000 devices, but given the popularity of the program, funding was doubled on 26 November 2017 to allow for an additional 1,000 rebates.

When the trial was first launched, the Shark Shield FREEDOM 7TM was the only approved personal shark deterrent device available as part of the subsidy. As of Friday 25 May 2018, the Government has added the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf (Bundle) to the list of approved devices including providing an additional $200,000 for a further 1,000 rebates.

Retailers of approved deterrents must first register with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.   The rebate will then be applied at point of sale by the registered retailer

There are several commercially available shark deterrent products but only those that have been approved by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development are eligible for the rebate.

It is the intention of the Western Australian Government to add additional products to the Shark Deterrent Rebate when suitable products have been tested and verified.  

It is recommended that those interested in purchasing an approved device review the specifications carefully to ensure it is suitable for their desired use.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Terms and Conditions

Registered Retailers

If we haven’t answered your questions in the information provided please contact rebate@fish.wa.gov.au  

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