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SMART Drumline Catch Report

October 2019

 Operation Summary

During October 2019, 10 non-lethal SMART drumlines (SDL) were deployed during daylight hours for 22 days across the Gracetown SMART drumline fishing zone. Weather permitting, SMART drumlines are deployed and retrieved each day. However, adverse weather conditions prevented the setting of SDLs for nine days.

Catch Summary

During October 2019, no target species (white sharks) were caught. Seven non-target sharks were caught, along with one other non-target species. All animals were released alive. 

The Shortfin Mako, caught on 29 October, unhooked itself before it could be tagged and swam off strongly in good condition. All other animals were tagged prior to release. 

No recaptures have been reported on a SMART drumline. 

Full details are listed in the table below.

Other Comments

During October 2019, SMART drumlines were activated 21 times, with an average response time of seven (7) minutes. The maximum response time of 30 minutes was not exceeded on any occasion.

Table 1. SMART drumline (SDL) target species catch details for October 2019.

*No target species caught.

Table 2. SMART drumline (SDL) non-target species catch details for October 2019.

Date Time SDL Location Species Total Length (cm) Sex Status
2 October 2019 15:37 Near Ellensbrook surfing spot Tiger Shark  235 Male Alive
3 October 2019 08:18 Near South Point surfing spot Shortfin Mako 190  Female Alive
3 October 2019 11:03 Near Hangmans surfing spot Tiger Shark 350  Male Alive
12 October 2019 16:54 Near Hangmans surfing spot Bronze Whaler 285  Male Alive
19 October 2019 16:43 Near Veryiuca Brook Tiger Shark 380  Male Alive
20 October 2019  13:01 Near Veryiuca Brook Shartfin Mako 150  Female Alive
29 October 2019 09:31 Near Lefthanders surfing spot Smooth Stingray 150  Female Alive
29 October 2019 15:32 Near Veryiuca Brook Shortfin Mako 180  Unknown Alive