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Beach to remain closed at Dawesville

Beach to remain closed at Dawesville

08 October 2015

Alert level:

Pyramid Beach at Dawesville, where a young surfer was bitten on the foot yesterday, will remain closed for today.


The Department of Fisheries is this morning investigating the incident and trying to ascertain if the species of the shark can be determined.

The man received shark bite injuries to his foot after being bitten late yesterday afternoon and was later treated in hospital.

The department has determined the setting of capture gear is not required, taking into account the fact the beach is closed, there have been no shark sightings in the vicinity since late yesterday afternoon and a patrol boat has been monitoring the area since daylight today.

There are no people in the water at Pyramid Beach given the area remains closed today.

What to do:

  • Be aware Pyramid Beach is currently closed today; the local government authority will re-assess the situation later this afternoon.
  • Take additional caution in the Pyramid Beach area.
  • Keep informed of the latest detection and sighting information by checking the SharkSmart website or Surf Life Saving WA’s Twitter feed.
  • If you see a shark, report it to Water Police on 9442 8600.
  • All shark sighting information reported to Water Police is provided to response agencies and to the public on the SharkSmart website and Surf Life Saving WA Twitter feed.

What authorities are doing:

A Department of Fisheries patrol boat is on the water monitoring the area.

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